Pokemon GO Update News July 2016: Is Niantic Joking? (20th July)

If you live in the countries where Niantic Inc. launched Pokemon GO, you got a notification. Well, that’s the new Pokemon GO update (20th July). However, did this new update fix anything significantly? The answer is a big ‘NO‘. Let’s take a look at this Pokemon GO update news.

If you’re active on Twitter or Reddit, you know the disappointment. The only information about the update was “minor text fixes“. To be honest, Niantic just fixed a small visual error with the text after catching Magikarps. The major issues: the three footsteps issue & frozen Pokeball issue weren’t fixed either. In fact, no major fixes were done in this update.

The awful bug: the three footsteps issue are still not resolved. One Reddit user wrote: I hope they fixed the bug that makes their entire company ignore its community”According to many tweets, it’s good to say, the Pokemon GO community started to feel Niantic does not care about the feedbacks. 🙁

Pokemon GO Update News – July 20

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Finally Niantic gets it together. from pokemongo

Here is a little joke with this Pokemon GO update news. To be honest, every Pokemon GO hunter is very disappointed. Niantic could have fixed at least the server issues, that could be awesome. However, I too have a feeling of Niantic not paying heed to their millions of passionate players. 🙂

You can see the ‘changelog‘ from App Store. The information just includes: “Minor Text Fixes” which wasn’t probably needed at all. The main issues are still pending. We got to wait until Niantic decides to fix these irritating server issues plus the in-game bugs. It’s quite true the servers are facing fascinating amount of load, beating a user’s average Facebook usage time.

Pokemon GO Update News: Changes in 20th July 2016

The only change:

  • Small text fixes.
  • And nothing else.

Now you can say, Niantic is joking. How was stupid update really necessary? I would definitely not support this type of weird obligations. In my opinion, this update is an absolute waste. Niantic’s first focus should be fixing the in-game bugs and the frequent server issues, and errors like “GPS Signal not Found“. All we can do is wait for the next update, and hopefully, Niantic will fix these many bugs and issues.


This is the latest Pokemon GO update news for 20th July 2016. This isn’t an effective update, fixing simple text issues. While big issues such as GPS errors, Frozen game, and all these issues are still pending fixes. However, we can expect something good for the new big update. Every Pokemon GO hunter expects the major issues to be fixed first. 🙂

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