Download Prisma APK v1.0 for Android (Beta Version)

Prisma Labs Inc. have recently launched their new photo editing app which cartoonizes any photo. However, Prisma was only available for iOS users. But just three days back, Prisma Labs Inc. have launched a beta version for Android. You can now download Prisma APK v1.0 Beta for your Android.

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With this cool photo editing app, you can cartoonize yourself and add a lot more effects. Basically these artistic effects follow some renowned artists. Using Primsa, you can quickly create a painting of yourself. If you’re an active Facebook user, you will find people sharing their custom arts created by Prisma. 😀

If you want to download Prisma APK for Android, you have to use the beta version until Prisma Labs Inc. decides to launch the full version of the app. You can find the download links to download Prisma APK for free.

Download Prisma APK for Android (Free Beta Version)

File Name:

File Size: 8 MB (8,713,565 bytes)

Publisher: Prisma Labs Inc.

Supported OS: Android 4.0 and above.

Direct Download Google Drive


Prisma is a great app for mobile users who love editing their photos. That’s fun too. If you want to be awesome in Facebook, come on, you have this app to cartoonize yourself and have a new profile picture. I really like the way this app cartoonize any photo so quickly. That’s a massive awesomeness. 😀

If you liked this post, share it on Facebook and wherever you like. Tell your friends about this Prisma Beta APK if they are looking for this cool app. That’s the working and official beta version of Prisma. Although this is the beta version, soon Prisma Labs Inc. are going to launch the full version for Android too.

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