Download Pokemon Go APK For Android & IOS Working World Wide

Pokemon Go APK had been released only in few countries, Few countries include US, New Zealand, Australia. And Pokemon fans are really crazy about playing in their own countries but unfortunately this game is not released there, However, we have found a way to play this game, By following simple steps which we mentioned in the other article written by Bright Joe, You can simply play this game by sitting on your sofa!

In this article, I will help you to download Pokemon Go APK which is a working one, If you are from any one of the non-released countries you can download the APK from here, And follow the others steps mentioned in that article to make it working for you.

Pokemon Go APK – Words About The Game

If you are a kid from 90 s, You would be definitely a great fan of Pokemon, Wow what a series it was! After coming from school, My first work is to watch Pokemon series on TV, And Pokemon games were popular in Visual Boy Advance, People used to download ROMs and play in visual boy advance emulator, But now the thing is completely changed.

Pokemon Go is totally different, You can discover Pokemon’s within your real world and you can catch them, Train them, Level up your Pokemon, Fight in Gym, Collect badges and a big way to glory. This game tracks your real-time location and when you move on, You will find Pokemon in different places around you.

When a Pokemon is discovered, Your phone will vibrate and you have to use the poke balls to catch it, Those Pokemon will appear in the camera of your phone, A Pokemon will appear in your camera behind a real location where you are. Sounds awesome na! Make sure you give a try bro!

Download Pokemon Go APK For Android & IOS Working World Wide

Download Pokemon Go APK For Android & IOS Working World Wide

Nintendo have introduced a new device called Pokemon Go Plus, If you use it you no need to look on your smartphones, You have to wear in your hand, The device connects to your smart via Bluetooth, You can also use it to catch Pokemon, However it costs 35 $.

Download Pokemon Go APK for Android

You can download the Pokemon Go APK for your Android device from the download button below. If you’re unable to access the download link, use US proxy or a VPN to finish your download. The Pokemon Go APK version comes with a size around 60 Megabytes. 

This is the download link for people living outside USA, Australia & New Zealand, and Japan. Download the installation APK and follow our ultimate guide to play Pokemon Go in non-released countries. You cannot play without following the guide, moreover you cannot find any Pokemon and can do nothing but just roam around.

Download Pokemon Go for Android

You need the FakeGPS APK as it is needed to change your GPS location so that you can access and find the Pokemon in the game, as you can only find them in the supported countries.

Download FakeGPS for Android

Download Pokemon Go for IOS

Download the Pokemon Go.ipa for free from the link below. 

Download Pokemon Go for IOS

You’ll need to download the FakeGPS for your IOS device to change your GPS location to start playing. Without changing your location, you cannot find any Pokemon or do anything in the game.

Download FakeGPS for IOS

Pokemon GO – Gameplay

So guys, Its now relaxation time, Watch some of the gameplays below by popular youtubers!

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