{Download} Clash Royale APK 1.2.0 Android Working 100%


{Download} Clash Royale APK 1.2.0 Android Working 100%Clash Royale APK 1.2.0  with new updates came and the game is now officially, Globally launched all over the world. One can directly download the game from play store. However some people having problem to download from playstore. So we have planned to provide download links which we have downloaded and uploaded over a file hosting site. Clash Royale is being enjoyed by the fans worldwide. And its time for you to join the party. Clash Royale is more addicting that Clash Of Clans because of the dual battle mode on the game. And like Clash Of Clans you could start a clan and make your friends join your clan, You can also battle with your friends, It is a friendly battle no lose of trophies nor gain while friendly matches.

Clash Royale Game Trivia

  • Clash Royale is a real time strategy game launched by google.
  • It was released for IOS at first and now on March 2 its globally launched.
  • Clash Royale is a duel player face to face  clashing game
  • The troops used in Clash Of Clans is used here with some more addition of troops

Things New In Clash Royale APK 1.2.0

  • New troops such as Royale Giants, Ice Wizards, Princess, Dark Prince, Three musketeers
  • New chests such as Giant chest, Super magical chest
  • One new arena called Builder’s Workshop is added
  • Some of new trainers have been added
  • New spells such as Poision spell is added
  • You can now make 3 decks

You can check this article here for more information.

Clash Royale APK 1.2.0 Download Links

  • Clash Royale APK 1.2.0 Play Store LinkMirror 1
  • Clash Royale APK 1.2.0 Direct Download Link : Mirror 1
  • Clash Royale APK 1.2.0 Direct Download Link : Mirror 2

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