Clash Royale Released for Android for Few Countries [Official News]

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Well, sweet news! Some people doesn’t have to wait anymore because Clash Royale released for Android for a few countries which Supercell calls “Android Soft Launch Announcement“. This announcement was made in Clash Royale’s official blog and here, I’m outreaching this news to you so that you can now go and download Clash Royale for your Android device.

Unfortunately, Supercell again limited and restricted the game to be download only for some countries. I’m going to talk about this and which countries are now eligible to get the Clash Royale on their Android devices.

But you don’t need to make a pale face if you’re not anyone from those countries. Because Supercell claims to say that they’re going to release the game- for all countries in March 2016. However, constantly, I and Dinesh bro- the founder of this blog, are going to search for some ways so that all people can play the game on their devices even if they’re from a different country or land.

Clash Royale Released for Android: Which day?

Well, Clash Royale released for Android just today- 16th February 2016. It was a sudden announcement by Supercell and many are unaware of this. So, here I’m sharing the information they had shared in their blog about the soft launch for Android platform.

I was also unaware but our founder- Dinesh bro took instant updates, even very small changes in the game to keep everyone updated with the latest facts about the game. He already wrote and provided some tips and tricks for beginners. Okay, now let’s get into the topic and discussion we’re talking about.

Release Date16th February 2016

Clash Royale Released for Android: Which Countries are eligible to download?

Note: Download Link is not yet available because it’s restricted and I’m not one from those countries too. Anyways, I’m going to keep you updated with the trick to play it without being a resident of that country.

As I said, Supercell kept an restriction on the countries which are eligible to play or download the game on Google Play Store. Here is the country-list that supports the game now. Very soon, Dinesh bro is going to help you run the game on non-released countries too. So, you got to subscribe to our newsletter.

  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • Australia
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Iceland
  • Finland
  • New Zealand

However, it’s a soft-launch. It means, some features are still not available such as buying gems, and many more features which Supercell yet not said clearly.

Clash Royale Released for Android: Conclusion

Let’s pack now all the things together now. All these time, we’ve been talking about “Clash Royale released for Android”. You now know which countries are supported and eligible to download the game from Google Play Store

I don’t have the download link with me because I’m not a resident of any of those countries but sooner or later, I’m going to share a way of playing Clash Royale on Android even being from a different country. So, you need to subscribe for instant updates.

If you liked this post, share it and comment below to let me know if you’ve anything on your mind that can be used to play the game without going to that country. Subscribe, I say again, for instant updates.

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