Clash Royale Release Date for Android [Officially Confirmed]

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Supercell is awaiting a good news for their patient waiters. I don’t mean to say “waiters who serve at a restaurant”, but those passionate people who are waiting for the Clash Royale release date for Android.

Supercell now officially announced their release date for Clash Royale for the Android platform. It’s a very good news indeed, most people use Android as we believe, and they were totally disappointed about the game’s release only for IOS platform. However, now it’s time to bring a smile on their face.

Here, in this post, I’m going to talk about the hot, trending game of Supercell inspired by Clash of Clans release for the Android platform and some opinions on the quick decision for the release so quick.

If you play Clash of Clans, you must know that it took all most a year and a half for Supercell to release COC for Android platform but this time, it was a blazing speed. However, it was expected because the COC developer’s team was so active and focused on Clash Royale that they launched a quick small update in the first week of the release- for IOS.

Clash Royale Release Date for Android: When?

Well, now it’s officially confirmed that Supercell is going to release this hot game without much delay, this coming March. Don’t you feel too excited? I too because although I play this game on my IOS device but I love and prefer Android for gaming. But no doubt, IOS is a great mobile OS for its features and advanced technologies.

Let me not get into technologies now, because we’re here to talk and discuss Supercell’s newly trending game’s- Clash Royale release date for Android.

So when are we getting the Clash Royale for Android? Well, it’s coming this March 2016.

Release Date for Android: 14th March 2016

Hey! It’s not that far! It’s coming! So we have to wait and spend some bad days only for 2 more months I guess. Well, till then you can enjoy: Clash Royale Android [Modified].

Clash Royale Release Date for Android: Conclusion

Well, that’s all about the “Clash Royale release date for Android“. However, Supercell has another good news with this news. They said that Clash Royale would be available would be for all other unsupported countries too in March 2016.

Now, that’s the happy news for you. Well, it was a bonus happiness, double happy! If you liked the information I’ve provided, please don’t sit back. Let your friends know about the “Clash Royale release date for Android” by posting or sharing this on your Facebook wall.

Comment below to let me know what you think of Supercell’s quick decision and if you’re happy with the decision they made for releasing for other countries too, this March 2016.

Clash Royale 1.2.0

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