Clash of Clans Update – Baby Dragon, Miner & Friendly Battles

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If you’re one of those people who regularly check the Clash of Clans forum mails, you would get excited to know that the latest big Clash of Clans update brought to two new troops to the Clash of Clans family – the Baby Dragon & the Miner. Many people who played Clash Royale seriously wanted Supercell to bring in that cute and fat yet powerful attacker. That’s good of Supercell that they’re paying heed to their players, good thing! 😀

However, this update doesn’t only bring in the Baby Dragon but also a new troop named “Miner” which thousands of people have predicted about a year ago. However, this update also brings in the feature that Clash Royale had – friendly battles between team mates. Here, you don’t loose any of your elixir, and is just your training spot, for practising for clan wars. No need to use XMod anymore for practising. 😉

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Clash of Clans Update May 2016

I’ve brought all the information and facts about this Clash of Clans update.

  • Baby Dragon has been introduced from Clash Royale.
  • Miner, another new troop has been brought.
  • New spell called “Clone Spell” have been introduced for TH 10 players and above.
  • New dark spell called “Skeleton Spell” have been introduced for TH 9 and above.
  • Friendly battles are available for practising before clan wars, without waste of troops or elixir.
  • Bunch of options or tools have been added to the Village Edit Mode, for easier layout editing.

These are all the main tweaking and updating that took place as said by Supercell admins. And this added more competition. However, Supercell is further planning themselves. Many Clash of Clans players tend to believe that soon Supercell is going to introduce Town Hall 12, and yeah, that’s possible, because Supercell want their game to go a long way. 🙂

Clash of Clans Update: Effects on Town Hall Level

If you saw the checkpoints above, you’ll find that this “May 2016” update did effect the Town Hall levels, and now, I’m going to explain what literally happened to each Town Hall level players. I’m not talking about ‘affect‘ because this update actually made the game more exciting and competitive. 😀

Town Hall 11:

  • Cannon level 14
  • Lava Hound level 4
  • Balloon level 7

In Town Hall 11, air troops have reduced in popularity. These new levels should help come back the high-level air armies while helping to defend against the ground rush.

Town Hall 10+

  • Bowler housing space reduced to 6

Bowlers didn’t seem to be providing the value for 8 housing space, and reducing the housing space for Bowler actually will help the players choose some more capable troops with it.

Town Hall 7+

  • Spring Trap levels 2-5

New Spring Trap levels with little capacity increases will help catch additional units from time to time. They might even catch an extra Valkyrie! So, that’s a great protector in case of defending the village.


Now, you know what changes the last Clash of Clans update brought in the game, and what new things you’ve got. Gradually, Supercell is changing the game’s plot for higher level players, which seems to take away the boring part of the game, which is sometimes possible.

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