Things Added In Clash Of Clans March Update 2016

Clash Of Clans March Update is coming, There is some good news for the people who play Clash Of Clans. Long after writing about Clash Of Clans. There are numerous changes, bugs and fixes added in this update. Make sure you read each and every line carefully. Super Cell has been working hard to make their games very popular and addictive to people.


List Of Things Added In Clash Of Clans March Update 2016

Clash Of Clans is also a real time strategy game, Where you can go war with your friends in your team. But in Clash Royale there is no scope of doing that.

Clash Of Clans March Update Match Making Fixes

List Of Things Added In Clash Of Clans March Update 2016

  • War sizes 35 vs 35 and 45 vs 45 has been removed because inorder to boost the other war sizes matches. We may tell that there will be very good fair match making after this update.
  • After Clash Of Clans March Update, Clan War matching will focus more on the village size and defense levels rather than considering the offensive levels such as troops level of the player..
  • After This Update, Clan war match making algorithm will now include the data of a clan, Such as win/loss ratio.
  • Imperfect Match making have been fixed bit, Sometimes might occur.

Clash Of Clans March Update Fixes With respect To Town Hall

Town Hall 11 Changes

  • Grand Warden ability such as Life Aura and Eternal Tome range reduced to some extent
  • Now, It is believed that game will be more balanced.

Town Hall 10 Changes

  • Inferno Tower will now target multiple units at a much faster rate.
  • Town Hall 10 and Town hall 11 players are less likely to find each other in multi player battle.

Town Hall 9 Changes

  • All Skeletons Hit points are reduced, Because the skeletons are produced in a large number and in some cases it is impossible to kill a skeleton with a single arrow by the archer towers. So their hitpoints are reduced.
  • And sad news is that, Skeletons will no longer trigger the traps, Which will make skeletons and witch useless from now.
  • Goblins level 6 can now be upgraded in Town hall 9.
  • Level 2 and Level 4 Xbow hit points increased in order to beat down heavy tanking units such as Golem, Lava.

Town Hall 8 Changes

  • Valkyrie is deadly now, Her hit points and damage is increased.
  • Valkyrie will now start attack very fast after reaching her target, Make sure you give a try.
  • Wizard Tower level 5-9 hit points increased, Also increased greatly in later levels.
  • Poison spell now wont affect the troops which are standing idle. Except heroes.

Town Hall 5 + Changes

  • All Dark Spell brewing time is decreased to 10 minutes.
  • All Elixir spells brewing time is decreased to 20 minutes.

General Changes For All

  • New Troop upgrades level 5 Valkyrie and level 6 hog rider and new level goblin is about to come.
  • New Buildings update level 9 Mortar and level 4 inferno tower is also coming with brand new looks and having tremendous amount of power.
  • One can attack only once every 3 minutes
  • Revenge attacks will now award star bonuses and league bonuses rewarded, Which is a long expected one.
  • New buildings construction cannot be stopped but upgrades can be stopped.

Clash Of Clans March Update Conclusion

Many things are about to come friends, Many fixes, New troop level, New building level. I hope you guys would enjoy the Clash Of Clans March Update. Similar to that of Clash Of Clans March Update, An update for Clash Royale is also coming.

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