Clash of Clans Balancing Update on May 2016 [Guide & Tips]

Clash of Clans balancing update on May 2016?? 

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Of course this is an exciting news for every Clash of Clans player. But some might think it’s not going to help them, but here if you’re one of them, I’m going to change your mind completely! This time, Clash of Clans divided to give priority to the low level players too!

There are many exciting things about this new Clash of Clans balancing update. It’s because the whole army and troop gets more faster! They finish their training sessions much quicker than before, if you want to know what changes this awesome balancing update brought, you have to keep reading.

Say “NO MORE WAITING!” because you really don’t have to. Thanks to Supercell at last, for understanding our patience! No more waiting bro! Your troops get trained more faster, so you don’t have to wait for hours training those heavy troops. Army building boosts will also give you 4 times more speed! Blazing fast, isn’t? 😀

Clash of Clans Balancing Update: What Changes?

Here is the summary of the changes that took place in Clash of Clans balancing update which was small but awesome. More equality, as it happened after World War I. 😀

  • 2 times faster training of the Dragon, Wall Breaker and the Witch.
  • 3 times faster training of the Golem, Lava Hound and PEKKA.
  • Hero regeneration times were hugely reduced.
  • Faster training also for Balloon, Wizard, Healer, Valkyrie and Bowler.

Gameplay balance

Now the Bowler starts attacking much more faster when reaching a specific target. The Bowler lands a bit softer than before it used to be. You can see how strategies change with this new troop, a faster first-attack speed will assure that Bowlers don’t get behind the rest of the army.
Maximum timeout searching for opponents raised from 5 to 30 minutes:
This change primarily affected players with very high trophies who are familiar with waiting in the clouds for targets. Previously, the game would ask you to tap a “Retry” button after a 5-minute matchmaking timeout. Now that tap is only required every 30 minutes to keep on searching.


If you look at the points carefully, you’ll note that this “Clash of Clans Balance Update” did something great for most of the players. There are of course not a high proportion of players with insane high trophies, so we can say this update was pretty solid and did justice to everyone. We cannot blame Supercell for that, instead, we should thank them for making our troops more active, by fastening our troops’ training speed.

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