7 Changes in Clash Royale Update in February 2016

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Clash Royale update this February? Don’t know yet? Well, it’s a quite interesting update that fixed almost everything in the game. We can say it’s fair enough to fight now and off course, more fun because we’ve Android players with us too!

Although it’s not yet released for every country, but you can play using my special guide on playing Clash Royale on non-released countries for Android. However, this new update which Supercell did is better because, in this update, Supercell figured out the bugs and minor problems of the game and sorted them out.

The good news- Supercell fixed the troop cards because some were overpowered at low cost while others were giving out very less damage but expensive- more elixir wastage. That would not worth the elixir spent. So, we appreciate Supercell for their quick attention to the game.

Let’s discuss this Clash Royale update!

Clash Royale Update: What 7 changes?

Well, I know you’re now overexcited about this news. Here are the 7 changes Supercell did for us. Better balanced now. Isn’t?

  1. Before, the spells were overpowered. Spells such as Fireball and Arrow did lethal damage to the troops including the crown towers. Damage for all the spells to the crown towers has been decreased by 20%.
  2. Inferno Tower was one of the overpowered buildings which provided as a defensive head. But now its HP decreased by 6% and lifetime decreased to 40 seconds from 45 seconds.
  3. The troop, Musketeer was underpowered if compared with her cost. The cost is 4 Elixir and damage was quite low. Now Musketeer’s damage has been increased by 11%.
  4. Now. iff you jump on the leagues, you’ll get to unlock a powerful, damage-absorbing troop: Golem. He tanks damage very well, so is considered as a strong, damage-absorbing troop the game. Unfortunately, his HP (Hitpoints) and Golemite decreased by 5%.
  5. If you’re one of those skeleton fans, great! I too love skeletons, they are super cool if not stabbed with those arrows. But I think those arrows can’t do much damage now, for Skeletons of all types- Tombstone Skeletons, Skeleton Army, Witch Skeletons, Skeleton Card, and Skeleton Giant, will have HP and damage increased by 11%.
  6. Since a lot of people don’t use Witch for her HP is very less, Supercell decided to give her some life. Her damage was increased by 3% and her skeletons’ HP and damage increased by 11%.
  7. Tombstone lifetime decreased from 60 seconds to 40 seconds.

Here are the 7 changes after the Clash Royale update in February 2016.


Now you know about the changes after Clash Royale Update and how it changed the game’s platform. We can expect further updates as it’s quite usual. Thanks to Supercell for fixing the game’s bugs and problems, and off course for balancing the cards with the battle era.

After this Clash Royale update, it’s quite obvious to expect more exciting updates from Clash Royale. This game is hitting the success soon because it’s so much fun to battle in real-time. Hope, Clash Royale update on February makes you happy for helping the cards.

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