4 Upcoming Things in Clash Royale March Update

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It’s coming to February’s end and now is coming to the great Clash Royale March Update! This update tends to change the whole game’s plot, more attractive!

Today, I’m going to write on the “Clash Royale March Update” which is coming this March 2016, not very far, though. This update is going to bring exciting things- new troop cards, a new spell and some more changes in the game. It’s more special because the global launch is coming too, then you won’t need the trick to playing it on non-released countries.

I would like this update because it is bringing in such exciting and powerful more troops in the arena. It’s gonna be a real battle now with powerful new troops and the new spell. Let’s discuss the Clash Royale March update and what changes and upcoming things you will be getting.

Clash Royale March Update: New Expectations

What can expect this March? Will really Supercell give us this awesome stuff? Maybe.

Now, I’m going to tell you which you can expect this March from Supercell about Clash Royale. Off course, there is something that will come, of course new. We already know about the global launch which is coming this month.

Here are the 4 new things you’ll be getting after this “Clash Royale March Update“!

What upcoming things will you get in Clash Royale March Update?

New Arena Rank:

If you already started playing Clash Royale, you’ll know that we’ve leagues, but they are called Arena here. If you get promoted to a new arena level, you’ll be getting chances of unlocking new troops. In this update, a new arena will be added: Builder’s Workshop.

  • Goblin Stadium
  • Bone Pit
  • Barbarian Bowl
  • PEKKA’s Playhouse
  • Spell Valley
  • Builder’s Workshop
  • Royale Arena
  • Legendary Arena

Also new trainers are expected, their names are:

  • Clint
  • Basil
  • Sybil
  • Arnold
  • Depoy
  • Martey
  • Many others, perhaps.

More Chest Types

As expected by every top player, we’re getting 2 new different types of chests. We’ll get awesome cards from there of course!

  • Giant Chest
  • Super Magical Chest

Super Magical Chest will be rewarded as a bonus when you reach Legendary Arena and it tends to give more EPIC cards, around 4.

New Spell

We’ll be getting this awesome new spell: Poison spell. This spell will be released after Clash Royale March update, and its use is to slow down enemies and take their life- HP up to some extent which is unknown. Well, we’ll be getting it out soon.

New Troop Cards

Of course, we are getting some more troop cards. Good news, not only 1 or 2 new cards, but 5 of them. What do you expect? Are they gonna be awesome and more powerful? Off course, they’re.

Name                   CategoryUnlockedElixir CostHitpointsHitspeedTime taken to deployDamage
Ice WizardLegendarySpell Valley37001.51 second62
Royal GiantCommonRoyal Arena612001.51 second63
PrincessLegendaryRoyale Arena324232.5 seconds155
GuardEpicRoyale Arena49901.10.7 Seconds110
Three MusketeersEpic10NANANANANA

Especially, the last card is awesome as it spawns 3 musketeers. As we know, the cost of 1 musketeer is 4 elixir, this thing might save us some elixir. Like the Prince, a horrifying troop, the Princess would be something similar to the Archer Queen of Clash of Clans.


You now know what you can expect after this Clash Royale March Update. If you liked this information, don’t sit back, share it with your friends and tell them to brace themselves for the Clash Royale March Update is coming!

Comment below to let me know what you think each troop will be like or act like. The discussion has no end till the update day arrives.

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