18 Balance Fixes In Clash Royale March Update (3/23)

Clash Royale March Update is going to fall on 23 of this month, There are 18 things which is going to be to fixed in this update. The main aim of this update is to make the game well balanced, To make the over powered units to normal one. This Clash Royale March Update will hold some amount of good fixes.

18 Balance Fixes In Clash Royale March Update (3/23)

Clash Royale March Update Fixes

  • X Bow range is now decreased to 12 from 13
  • Hidden Tesla will now shoot bit later from 0.7 second to 0.8 second. And its lifetime is also decreased from 60 second to 40 second.
  • Cannon lifetime decreased from 40 second to 30 second.
  • Princess Hit points decreased by 10 %.
  • Ice Wizard Damage Increased by 5 %.
  • Prince charge speed is now decreased by 13 %.
  • Dark Prince charge speed also decreased by 13 %.
  • Valkyrie Hit points and attack has been increased by 10%.
  • Royale Giant damage is now increased by 20%.
  • Giant Damage increased by 5 %.
  • Rage will give 40 % movement and attack speed boost (35 %) duration decreased by 20 %.
  • Poison spell damage is now increased by 5 %.
  • Mirror : Legendary cards are mirrored at one level lower.
  • Three Musketeers cost decreased from 10 to 9.
  • Archers will have now quicker initial attack like the spear goblins.
  • Balloons hit points increased by 5 %.
  • Witch Damage is increased by 5 %.

By this update troops such as Ice Wizard, Valkyrie, Royale Giant, Giant, Balloons, Witch are benefited while the other troops are not benefited by this update. After this update we may conclude that the Prince lovers will begin to hate them because their charging speed is reduced by 13%. And Hidden tesla was also very overpowered because 60 seconds is too much for 4 Elixir, It made the game unfair and also the crossbow, Its range is very very long. One can put the cross bow over their territory and shoot our crown towers with much ease.

Clash Royale March Update Concluding

Clash Royale March Update will fall on 23 rd March 2016, We are expecting some more stuffs to be added in this update. So guys, During this day there will be 1 hour or 2 hour of maintenance break, Just don’t get panic. Check this video to get more information about this Clash Royale March Update.

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